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Wednesday Night Community Meals in need of additional funding

Community Meals is in need of additional funding. Every week, it feeds many families and individuals. The delivery list for the shut-ins on its own feeds 60 people. That list doesn’t include those who do carry-out or dine in. The total number of those fed every week can be anywhere from 300-400 people.

Feeding a large number of people will quickly add up the number of ingredients needed to fix the meals. Just a simple meal of taco salad can cost $600, while a meal of goulash costs about half of that. Although, it would be unrealistic to serve that every week, as people would tire of that fairly quickly. As many know, the cost of groceries has sky-rocketed over the past year-we all have found that we are spending more money at the grocery store.

But because of our volunteers and donors, and those who have been willing to serve, Community Meals has been able to feed many people here in our community each week. And now, this community project of love is in need of your help for additional funding so that it can continue to do what it has been doing for over 10 years.

If you feel led to donate to Community meals, it would gratefully be appreciated. You can pay by check written to Community Meals, come and make a donation in our box on Wednesday night anywhere from 4:30 to 6:00 pm, mail it to the church (128 E Illinois St; Arthur), bring it to the office or even donate by Paypal (just note that it is for Community Meals and send it to

Community Meals would be blessed to have your donation… Thank you to all of those who continue to bless us – whether it be monetary or food. We are always grateful for your help.

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