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CURD SPITTING CHAMPS. The Bob Doan Memorial International Cheese Curd Spitting Championship contest was held on Monday, September 4 during the 50th Annual Arthur Amish Country Cheese Festival. This event continues to draw a great crowd year-after-year both participation and audience wise. Front row Little Miss ALAH Harper Hale, Jr. Miss ALAH Emeline Greathouse, Kole Herschberger from Arthur, Boys 14 & under division winner (7 feet 4 inches), Addison Cazel of Arthur, Girls 14 & under division winner (6 feet and 11 inches), Joy Cordes of Tuscola, Women 15 & up division winner, (18 feet and 7 inches), Peyton Trier, Mens 15 & up division winner (20 feet and 7 inches), and Miss ALAH Regann Bowles. (Back row) Danny Powell and Bruce Weiman, Cheese Curd Spitting Commissioner’s.

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