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MTZ school board approves presentation of district report card

Staff Writer

The Mt. Zion School Board met on January 17 and approved the Mt. Zion school district report card and the first reading of the organization of school board meetings.

The report card was highlighted by Superintendent Travis Roundcount with highlights on different subjects. The Mt. Zion school district was above average in teacher tenure with an average of 16 years.

Superintendent Roundcount also discussed how the district has added mental health and law enforcement programs. The district works with village administration, Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce members, mental health organizations , law enforcement and community groups to share information, resources and jointly supported programs.

The school board also approved the first reading of the organization of school board meetings. The current policy allows 28 days after the election of school board members based on the April election results.

A new law allows 40 days and the policy is allowing boards more time after the election. If this policy is approved, it will not affect the current schedule for this year’s election and the school board meeting will remain on May 2 this year.

The school board also approved:

-The second reading of the 2023-2024 High School

-Student Course Planning Handbook Changes.

-A contract with BLDD for the Elementary School Gymnasium floor project.

The next school board meeting will be held on February 21 at 6:30 p.m.

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