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ALAH School Supt. Cheek Hosts Community Partnership Meeting

Staff Writer

Shannon Cheek, Superintendent of Arthur CUSD 305, hosted a Community Partnership Meeting for the school district on Wednesday, January 18, in the ALAH High School Family and Consumer Room. The meeting was an opportunity to partner through the established series of meetings where the various community leaders can gather to share ideas, share visions as well as develop a forum of support for future projects.

Superintendent Cheek told the group that he envisioned the meetings lasting approximately 60-90 minutes and would be held quarterly. The purpose of the meetings will be to discuss the vision for each group, current projects, future projects as well as developing ideas on how we can support each other in those endeavors.

Various community leaders were invited. They included: Cheek, Beth Wiley, School Board President; Dan Miller, Arthur Park District; Arthur Police Chief Mike Goodman, Christy Miller, Arthur Village Board trustee; Atwood Village President Bill Fleming; Scott Harris, Atwood Village Trustee & Atwood Fire Dept.; Brittany Bates, Lovington Village Board; Gary Smith, Lovington Fire Dept.; Jesse Burnett, Lovington Park District; Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross; Stephanie Wierman, and Doris Elmore, Arthur Graphic and Record Herald Newspapers. These people represented Arthur, Atwood and Lovington. Hammond representative unable to attend this meeting.

Additional meetings will be held April 26 and September 13.

The outcomes/results will be for increased communications, understanding of the needs of each group represented, potential collaboration on project development, provide a support for each other in visioning and project development, bring communities together for the greater good of its members.

The first meeting proved successful and everyone was willing to share their thoughts and ideas.

“The mission of the Arthur CUSD 305 District is to provide a united student-based community that engages in working together to inspire lifelong learners. An environment that educates all students to their full potential while developing character, leadership, self-worth, empowering each student to meet the challenges of the future.”

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