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Arthur Village Board approves to keep current health insurance policy

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One of the main topics of discussion at the most recent Arthur Village Board meeting was its health insurance policies. On November 21, members of the board discussed whether or not they should keep their current health insurance policy. With a 10.32% increase, some discussion was necessary. Sherry Stewart of Tuscola has been a longtime representative for the village who assists in helping make decisions for its health insurance.

Presently, the village has been using health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield. After some research and speaking with Stewart, Erica Carter said the other alternative choices were not any better when it came to cost. Blue Cross Blue Shield currently offers the village a standard PPO Policy with a health imbursement and high deductible plan with a health savings account. One plus for employees who have the health savings account is that they are able to take that account with them should they ever leave the village. After sharing a few talking points, the village voted to keep their policies with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

An ordinance authorizing the rezoning of the property on the southwest corner of Vine Street and Route 133 was approved. The First Neighbor Bank has plans to build a new banking facility in that area. It originally was zoned as a residential district and needed to be changed to a business district. This area will reach all the way down to the new vet clinic that is currently being built.

Expenditures were approved for a total of $73,686.39 with one of the largest payments being paid to the Environmental Protection Agency for its semi-annual payment. That cost was $38,900.

Police Chief Michael Goodman reported that the siren on West Progress Street has been having some issues. There are some electronics that need to be fixed. For now, the power to that siren has been shut off. The village is waiting to see what the cost will be to replace those electronics and decide whether or not it will be more affordable to fix or replace the siren. Goodman also noted that all of the AED’s that were purchased from the grants have been installed. All of the police squad cars have them, as well as the library and park district (pool and Jurgens Park). “They are out in the community and are ready for service when and if they should be needed,” said Goodman.

Public Works director Grant Corum reported that the water service has been installed at the new vet clinic facility, as he wanted to have that completed before it got too cold. He also said the village has been busy sweeping leaves and preparing for the cold weather season.

Deputy Clerk Erica Carter reported some of her latest figures from the village’s accounts. The balance in the checking account is $268,834.10, the TIF account balance is $364,325.73 and the account balance for all of the departments is $5,557,749.93.

Jeremy Hale approached the village board asking them whether or not they would ever consider live streaming or recording their meetings. After a little bit of discussion, the board said it might be something they would think about. One option was to possibly record the audio from the meetings and then place it on the village website, but nothing has been immediately decided at this time.

Village Board President also thanked the Arthur resident who volunteers to decorate the municipal building for Christmas every year.


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