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Hold That Thought

“Hold That Thought” was the title of the program held at the Arthur Public Library on Saturday, October 1. Cheri Burcham from the University of Illinois Extension office was the presenter and the topic was brain health. The group enjoyed playing a few games to help with and challenge our memory. Different types of memory, both short and long term were discussed as well as things that contribute to brain health such as using visual cues, paying attention and staying focused. Cheri also mentioned helpful hints to lessen everyday forgetting such as written reminders, verbalizing when you do something to help you remember, don’t multi-task, avoid interruptions, set an alarm and set aside a time to focus on a task. Some other healthy brain tips provided were to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, exercise, decrease stress, have social and emotional support, and challenge yourself with novelty and newness. Cheri and the Extension office host a WITS fitness class focusing on brain health the third Monday of each month at 3 p.m. at the Extension Office at 304 E. Progress Street in Arthur. Next class is Monday, October 17. Phone 217-543-3755 for more information.

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