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Schlabach returns to meeting with more ideas regarding village mural/plaza

Arthur Village Board passes new waste container ordinance

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Larry Schlabach approached the Arthur Village Board once again at their recent meeting held on Monday, July 18, 2022. He brought a sample photo with a sample mural painting of the rural patriot of how he imagined the mural would look. Schlabach also brought along a layout showing his ideas for the mural/plaza area that he had in mind and passed it along to show members of the board. His plans included landscaping and a mural stretching across the width and height of the wall. The individual who offered to fund the project privately informed Schlabach that he would donate $5,000 towards it, although that may not cover the entire cost. There would be maintenance fees, and the property area is not all public – part of it is privately owned. In order to receive other grants or TIFF funds, the property must be all public-owned. The village board thanked Schlabach for his ideas and invited him to a meeting that was held on July 25 to discuss the project and further funding ideas.

Trustee Jim Fleming announced that there would be a tractor pull to be held on August 12 on the Arthur fair-grounds. He told the board that he felt it could be a large crowd since the State Fair Tractor Pull had been canceled.

Comptroller Erica Carter stated that there was nothing out of the ordinary for the village accounts, but she did share a “fun-fact” with the board. Carter said that ten years ago in June, the village’s account balance was $721,044.65 and now their balance is $5.3 million. It was a good representation of how far the village has come. Carter did comment that she still had been getting questions from several residents about a town-wide clean up, but she still is researching answers for that.

Treasurer Mike Hilgenberg reported that the total of expenditures was $82,73167. Some of those expenses included engineer fees, expenses for water and sewer and Simply Arthur.

A residential listing agreement between Meadowview Subdivision and real estate company Legacy Land (Sue Falk) was approved. They will list lots 18, 19 and 20 for a year. Another agreement with WestFork Real Estate (Karen Good) was also approved. They will handle lots 14, 15, 16 and 17 for a year. The two real estate companies will work together when there are leads.

An ordinance regulating waste containers on village property was approved. The village is attempting to get all trash containers off of the sidewalks, (especially on Progress Street), as some residents have been leaving their containers out longer than necessary. Ordinance 07-18A-2022 Regulating Waste Containers on Village Property states as follows:

“Residential unit use of containers; time limitation on placement for pickup and removal from curb. The occupant or lessee of any residential unit shall place all solid waste, properly containerized, at the curb line of his/her residence for collection no earlier than 8:00 AM the day preceding the designated day of collection, and remove such containers no later than 8:00 AM the day after collection. Containers shall be removed to a place on the occupant’s or lessee’s property and maintained so as to not constitute a nuisance to adjacent property or the occupants thereof.”

Village owned personal property, 1999 International dump truck was declared excess property. It was purchased five years ago at a cost of $18,500. Grant Corum suggested not taking less than $15,000 should he decide to sell, as there have been a lot of repairs and maintenance put into it. With the release of the old dump truck, a new one was purchased that includes a snow plow package, spreader and other accessories. The board approved the purchase of a 2022 Ford F-550 from Morrow Bros. of Greenfield IL via Illinois Government pricing in the amount of $106,550.

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