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Village of Arthur Police Department Emergency Restrictions Parking and Traffic Flow

Due to the high volume of traffic on June 25, 2022 for the annual Arthur Rotary Freedom Celebration, in Jurgens Park, the following traffic flow and parking restrictions shall be imposed, beginning on June 25, 2022 at 4:00 P.M. and ending at 11:59 P.M.:


No Parking will be allowed at the following locations:

*State Route 133, either side, from W. Palmer St. to Moses St.

*100 and 200 block of Surrey Lane, East side

*400 and 500 blocks of S. Union St., West side

*400 block of S. Spruce St., West side

*S. Pine St., from Progress to Rt. 133

*400 and 500 blocks of S. Ash St., West side

*500 block of Eberhardt Drive, both sides

*600 block S. Vine St. to 300 N., West side

*Douglas County Road 300N from 000E to 100E, South side

*100E Douglas County road from Rt. 133 to 300N road, East side

Road Closures:

The following Village streets will be closed to vehicular traffic:

*500 and 600 blocks of S. Spruce St.

*Jurgens Parkway from S. Spruce to Parks West gate

One Way Streets:

The following Village and County roadways will be designated one-way roadways:

Before fireworks

*S. Vine St. from Rt. 133 to 300 N., Douglas County will be one-way Southbound

*Douglas County 300N. from 000 E. to 100 E. will be one-way Eastbound

*Douglas County 100E. from 300N. to 450N.(Rt. 133) will be one-way Northbound

After Fireworks

*Douglas County 100E. from Rt. 133 to 300 N. will change to Southbound only


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