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MTZ’s Fehrenbacher signs to play tennis at Augustana College

Lane Fehrenbacher after signing his letter of intent to play tennis at Augustana College next year surrounded by his family and Coach Roberts.

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Mt. Zion boys tennis senior Lane Fehrenbacher has signed his letter of intent to play tennis at Augustana College next year.

Fehrenbacher played all four years at the varsity level for the Braves in tennis. In his senior year, Fehrenbacher was named as a co-captain for the Braves alongside teammate and best friend Rylee Gower. Head Coach Mike Roberts described

Fehrenbacher as a quieter leader, but can be vocal when needed and leads by example.

“The guys look at him as the kind of guy that is quiet, but gets things done,” Coach Roberts said. “He just takes care of business. A lot of players look up to him, how he plays on the court, and his demeanor on the court. He’s just a great example to follow for all of our players.”

Coach Roberts said that Fehrenbacher played a little bit of tennis prior to his freshman year, but started at the lower level of varsity tennis. Coach Roberts also described that Fehrenbacher was inquisitive on how to play at a higher level, how to get to the top of the team and how to play college tennis.

“He had that goal as early as a freshman,” Coach Roberts said. “So we sat down and we kind of mapped it out. I told him you need to be playing tournaments outside of the season and you need to work your way up the lineup, you need to be good, you know, certain things need to be getting better and he did that. He took care of a lot of those things along the way.”

Fehrenbacher chose Augustana College because it was a great school and that he would be able to play with international players that he will be able to play against competitively.

Fehrenbacher‘s athletic goal is to prove himself on the team and let everyone know that he’s there to play and do well. Academically he wants to have a good GPA. Fehrenbacher is undecided on his major as of now.

Coach Roberts said that his last words of advice to Fehrenbacher is that college is going to be different and a different game and that he’s going to have to work and set goals.

“This is just the floor and this isn’t the ceiling,” Coach Roberts said. High school tennis can be all over the place due to different teams that have different talents. College is going to be different and it’s going to be a different game. You’re going to have to work and set goals. Lane and Rulee are both very, very goal oriented. And it’s just a matter of what, what do they want, what do they want out of that experience. And then they just gotta make it happen.”

Fehrenbacher will always remember about his time as a Braves is how close his team was and how they all competed and pushed each other to be better.

“One thing that we’ve done the past four years here is we’ve all competed and practiced very well and we’ve pushed each other,” Fehrenbacher said. “And that’s what I’m hoping to do for the next four years.”

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