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Village Board Approves Rotary Club’s Request for Economic Development Assistance Grant

Strawberry Jam Festival scheduled for June 3 and 4

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At the village board meeting on May 16 the Arthur Rotary Club submitted a requested for $5,000 through the Economic Development Assistance Grant program. Their costs for the fireworks continue to increase with an estimated price of $80,000 for this year’s show. In past years they have received $3,000 and after some discussion, the board voted to give them $4,000.

Village Board President Rod Randall announced that Chapin Rose would be holding a town hall meeting at Yoder’s Kitchen on Tuesday May 24 at 6:00 pm. Randall also announced that he had a scheduled meeting coming up with the CEO of C.H.I. He stated he is hoping the changes will have a positive impact on Arthur’s economy.

In other news, Randall also spoke on the upcoming closure of Itsa Pizza. “I am sad to hear that Itsa Pizza is closing. It has been in business for six years here in Arthur. I am sorry to see them go, but I understand why, but at the same time, we do have Pizza Hut Express which opened up about a week ago at Jack Flash, so the community will still have pizza.”

The expenditures were reported at $76,843.01 which included a payment to the IL EPA for $51,288.98. That payment is made every six months.

Trustee Jim Fleming reported that he attended honors night and was impressed with the amount of dollars that were distributed to the students. A total of $810,00 was awarded Fleming noted.

Trustee Christy Miller wanted to remind and encourage residents that when they mow their lawns, please do not blow grass into the streets. Grass can get into the sewers, and it can cause a lot of problems.

Police Chief Mike Goodman informed the board that the construction part of the new interrogation room is completed which included items such as a drop ceiling and light fixtures. Randall complimented Goodman on the nice D.A.R.E. graduation that he had recently spoke at and noted that it was well attended by both parents and students.

Comptroller Erica Carter said that she had received four calls recently about city clean-up. There still won’t be a spring cleanup because of the issues with finding carriers.

Carter also reported that in her treasurer’s report there were 911 hours of overtime from city employees which was just shy of $30,000. She noted the new time clock apps have been set up and QuickBooks will soon become obsolete. Employees will sign into the time clocks on an app through an iPad or cell phone. Some employees expressed concern about putting the app on their devices and having the ability to track them, and Carter said they could not require employees to download the apps to use.

Village Attorney Kenny Crossman thanked members of the board who attended the Simple Arthur annual dinner that was recently held at Yoder’s Kitchen and noted that many were in attendance.

Stephanie Wierman requested the usual street closings this year for the Strawberry Jam Festival to be held Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4th. This includes parts of Vine, Illinois, and Progress Streets. The street closures were approved.

A Resolution on the 2022 Motor Fuel Tax Estimate of Maintenance Cost which is an annual item on the agenda was approved.

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