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ALAH JH Boys Track Teams Compete in Seven Team Meet at Sullivan

ALAH seventh grader Tyler Lisanby goes over the high jump bar at Sullivan on April 25. This was Tyler’s first competition of the season as he was out with an injury for the first part. Tyler cleared 4’ 4” in this event.

The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond Jr. High boys track teams traveled to Sullivan for a meet with the host school and Shelbyville, Clinton, Meridian, Central A & M, and Arcola.

The eighth grade boys won their division with 108.5 points. Payton Warrior won both the 100m and 200m dashes for the second meet in a row. The eighth grade 4 X 4 relay of Dana Soard, Easton Frederick, Daylon Doggett and Warrior took first in that event. The last relay of the meet was the eighth grade 4 X 4 and it was very exciting with the Knights’ relay almost overtaking both Shelbyville and Clinton for the win but came up just short of Clinton’s 4:13.0 to their 4:13.6!

The seventh grade 4 X 4 also provided some excitement as it was close between the Knights and Shelbyville. Owen Herring, running the anchor leg held off the Shelbyville runner down the home stretch to take the victory in 4:35.9 to the Rams 4:36.5! Other members of the relay were Brennon Hutson, Cooper Shoemaker and Preston Gingerich.

The jr. high track teams were to run at Mt. Zion’s Invitational on Saturday, April 30 and then return to Arcola for the annual Jr. High Okaw Conference meet on Monday, May 2. They do have one more meet scheduled for home and that is with Paris Mayo and Sullivan on May 10.

7th Grade Boys Team and Individual Results
Vs Sullivan, Shelbyville, Clinton, Meridian,
Central A & M, Arcola
April 25, 2022

Team results: 1. Shelbyville 132; 2. Meridian 81; 3. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 76; 4. Central A & M 72; 5. Arcola 51; 6. Clinton 24; 7. Sullivan 22

Shot Put: Joshua Taylor 28’ 9”, second; Zeb Peck 25’ 1”;

Discus: Joshua Taylor 59’ 11”; Preston Gingerich 58’ 4”; Cameron McGill 47’ 0”; Zeb Peck 45’ 6”;

High Jump: Tyler Lisanby 4’ 4”; Dylan Ingersoll 4’ 0”; Cooper Shoemaker 3’ 10”;

Long Jump: Tyler Lisanby 13’ 4.5”, fifth; Coye Grant 13’ 2”, sixth; Anden Berry 11’ 11”;

110 M Hurdles: Tyler Lisanby 21.2, fifth; Brennon Hutson 21.5, sixth;

100M: Owen Herring 13.7, fifth; Faemus Davison 15.6; Anden Berry 15.6; Dylan Ingersoll 16.0;

200M: Owen Herring 29.4, fifth; Faemus Davison 31.0; Dylan Ingersoll 35.0; Anden Berry 34.2;

400M: Brennon Hutson 1:09.4, third; Tyler Lisanby 1:10.3;

800M: Coye Grant 2:46.4, third; Cooper Shoemaker 2:53.8, fifth; Solly Binion 3:11.1;

1600M: Preston Gingerich 6:00.6, second; Coye Grant 6:10.2, third; Solly Binion 6:53.4;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:00.0, third (Brennon Hutson, Cooper Shoemaker, Coye Grant, Owen Herring)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:15.7, fifth (Faemus Davison, Anden Berry, Dylan Ingersoll, Joshua Taylor)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:35.9, first (Brennon Hutson, Cooper Shoemaker, Preston Gingerich, Owen Herring)

8th Grade Boys Team and Individual Results
Vs Sullivan, Shelbyville, Clinton, Meridian,
Central A & M, Arcola
April 25, 2022

Team results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 108.5; 2. Shelbyville 101; 3. Clinton 90; 4. Sullivan 47; 5. Arcola 42.5; 6. Central A & M 42; 7. Meridian 11

Shot Put: Kyler Stone 28’ 10.5”, fifth;

Discus: Kamden Morfey 84’ 1”, third;

High Jump: Trey Strode 4’ 8”, second; Cash Hale 4’ 6”, fifth;

Long Jump: Easton Frederick 15’ 4”, fifth; Cruz Hale 14’ 5”; Dana Soard 13’ 5”;

110 M Hurdles: Easton Frederick 18.4, third; Daylon Doggett 18.9, fifth;

100M: Payton Warrior 12.2, first; Brayden Leech 13.5, fifth; Dana Soard 13.8; Parker Beck 15.4;

200M: Payton Warrior 25.3, first; Daylon Doggett 27.7, fifth; Kayden Allen 34.8;

400M: Cash Hale 1:07.8, fifth; Ryker Beckmier 1:10.1;

800M: Cruz Hale 2:27.9, second; Trey Strode 2:36.6, fourth; Ryker Beckmier 2:40.2, sixth; Tristan Keagle 2:57.1;

1600M: Cruz Hale 5:18.2, second; Trey Strode 5:52.6; Justin Schrock 6:02.0; Tristan Keagle 6:41.3;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 51.0, first (Dana Soard, Easton Frederick, Daylon Doggett, Payton Warrior)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:59.8, third (Justin Schrock, Cash Hale, Trey Strode, Ryker Beckmier)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:13.6, second (Easton Frederick, Justin Schrock, Cruz Hale, Payton Warrior)

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