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FY 2022-2023 Budget proposals approved for Street & Alley, Public Works, Administration and Police Department

AT&T looking to place an antenna in the Arthur area

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At the opening of the Arthur Village Board meeting held on Monday, April 18, 2022, an impromptu visitor came in during public comment. AT&T representative, Craig McGrew, was in the area looking for a place to put an eight foot antenna. Most of the time, they are looking for a 20 to 30 foot tower to place their equipment and McGrew had an interest in Arthur’s water tower. He informed the board that a typical leasing contract is usually about $1,350 a month and renews every five years. The board proposed that AT&T propose a contract/lease and then send it to the Village Attorney for consideration at the next meeting.

Treasurer Mike Hilgenberg presented $23,308.40 for expenditures which included $3,528 for a purchase of six tasers for the police department.

Village Comptroller Erica Carter informed the board that she is still researching companies for possible town cleaning days, although it may just have to be done in a different way than it has been done in the past. She has reached out to Doty’s but still is waiting for a reply.

The Arthur Rotary Club will be hosting a community-wide electronics recycling event on May 21. They received a $2,000 grant to help cover the costs. Arthur Village Board approved to offer a cushion not to exceed $2,000 in case there are excess items that the grant will not cover.

A meeting of the village’s community relations and tourism committee was held and a group of community volunteers were chosen. They consist of Marsha Bowyer, Sue Falk, George Fritz and Karen Morgan.

An increase of 1% (about $0.29) for the water and sewer rate was approved, effective June 1, 2022. “We would like to try to keep water rates as low as they can be,” commented Mayor Randal. In 2015, there was an eight year schedule to increase water rates and the overall cumulative change according to that schedule would have been 114% but the village has been closer to 84%.

Grant Corum of Public Works presented his FY 2022-2023 budget proposal for the water and sewer department and the street and alley. He commented that they never spend every dollar that is budgeted, as it is up to the costs from the engineers and contractors. Some of those budgeted items included the following:

Water and Sewer

Regular salaries: $230,000

Health Insurance: $26,000

Building: $75,000

Equipment: $15,000 (GIS equipment)

Vehicle: $50,000 (½ of one ton truck)

Capital Improvement: $935,000 (6 hydrants + WWTP.04 + WT.01 + Arthur Homes + WTP.08

Street and Alley

Regular salaries: $110,000

Health Insurance: $15,000

Building: $5,000

Vehicle: $50,000 (½ of one ton truck)

Tree Removal: $30,000

Sidewalks and alley: $400,000 (Welcome Center, Village Hall Parking, Arthur Comm. Bank, AGS, S. Vine Lot)

Street Improvements: $425,000

Budget proposals for FY 2022-2023 for administration and the police department were also approved.

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