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Arthur Park Board Discusses Busy Agenda

The regular meeting of the Arthur Community Park District was held Monday, April 11, at the Arthur Community Building.  Park President Dan Miller called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with commissioners Benny Durbin, and Kevin Strong present.

Ball League Coordinator Report:

Not much to report. Jerseys should be done this week. Hats are done and need picked up. Games will start the end of April.

Pool Manager Report:

Park Superintendent JJ Carter stated that chemicals are ordered. He will need to ask the city for help unloading those. He is also working with Grant Corum, Public Works Supervisor, in regard to the algae control issues from last year. They have a plan in place so there are no issues this year.

Soccer Committee Report:

Soccer is in full swing. We are having some minor conflicts with practices for soccer and baseball and needing to offset one to accommodate the other. Nothing major, just an adjustment for some of our coaches.

Fair Board Update:

There is no fair update. We are waiting for the fair to reschedule the meeting between two representatives from their board and the park board.

Old Business:

Discussion and action on Moultrie Douglas County Fair Contract

No discussion. Tabled.

New Business:

Discussion and Action on Circus

Secretary Erica Carter presented information about the desire for the Arthur Area Association of Commerce to host the circus on August 17. This date is also the first day of school and the location used last time the circus was held would cause pure chaos. They have asked to potentially host on park grounds either in the back parking lot by Corum field or even potentially down at the tractor pull pit. The Park Board was on board with the event and is open to the conversation. There would be a $250 event fee.

Discussion and Action on Pool Salaries

JJ Carter stated that salaries will be different this year. For employees under 18, salary would be $9.25 per hour. For employees over 18, the salary would be $12.00.

Discussion and Action on Internet Repairs

JJ Carter stated that recent storms and lightening have caused issues to some of the equipment. The board encouraged him to move forward with rectifying the situation and also suggested purchasing a surge protector that will help should something similar happen in the future.

Discussion and Action on Kick Off Event

President Miller mentioned that he would like to host some kind of summer kick-off event for the kids and residents of Arthur. The board discussed various vendors, food truck options, and ideas. They are shooting for the weekend of June 17 or 18 and will determine the final date after the park superintendent speaks to vendors interested and checks availability.

Discussion and Action on Tennis Court Net

Park Superintendent is working with Tri-County on something that may help with the tennis court net. Tabled.

General Discussion:

•Bench Policy similar to the city for the park, regulations

•Timm Trust Project Request

•Camera signs throughout the parks

•Speed limit signs or flashing signs in Jurgens Park – people drive too fast

•Rock for the parking lots

•Newest building – west side gutter and painting

•Eagle Scout Project Request

•Little Tykes park area

•Bleachers at Corum field in outfield need a new 4×4

Next Agenda Items:

•Bench Policy

•Benny Durbin Resignation due to moving out of town

•Timm Trust Project Request

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