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ALAH Seventh Grade Girls First, Eighth Grade Second in 5 Team Meet at Tuscola

ALAH eighth grader Avery Alexander, third from the right, goes over the hurdles in the 100 meter hurdle race at the meet in Tuscola on April 21. Avery placed fifth in the event with a time of 23.29.

The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond Jr. High girls’ track and field teams traveled to Tuscola for a meet that saw five teams competing, the host school Tuscola East Prairie, St. Joseph, Paris Crestwood, Judah Christian and the Knights.

Morgan Casteel led the way for the seventh grade taking firsts in three events, the high jump, 800 meters and 1600 meters. Leighton added two more victories for the Knights with wins in the long jump and 200 meters. Brynlee Moore and the 4 X 1 relay of Norma Mendoza, Sophie Monts, Moore and Poulos added two more firsts to the Knights team score of 99 points, good for first place in the team standings.

On the eighth grade side, Alex Clark kept up her winning ways, posting wins in the shot put and discus and Ruby Burton taking first in the 1600 meters. The 4 X 4 relay team of Skyler Graham, Reece Oye, Gracie Romine and Ruby Burton also took first place. The eighth grade girls finished in second place in the team standings with 83.

The jr. high track and field teams were to have a meet in Sullivan with seven other teams on Monday, April 25 and then go to the 12th annual Mt. Zion Invitational on Saturday, April 30.

7th Grade Girls Team and Individual Results
Vs. Tuscola, Paris Crestwood, St. Joseph, Judah Christian
April 21, 2022

Team results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 99; 2. Paris Crestwood 93; 3. St. Joseph 54; 4. Tuscola East Prairie 34; 5. Judah Christian 8

Shot Put: Ashby Coblentz, 22’ 5”, third; Emily Keagle, 15’ 6”; Presley Johnson, 15’ 2”,

Discus: Ashby Coblentz, 50’ 11”, sixth; Emily Keagle 47’ 6”; Esmerelda Diaz, 45’ 0”; Presley Johnson, 39’ 5”;

High Jump: Morgan Casteel 3’ 8”, first;

Long Jump: Leighton Poulos 14’ 4”, first; Rylie Ward 11’ 11.5”, sixth; Sophie Monts, 10’ 11”;

100 M Hurdles: Riley Strode, 22.04, fourth; Cassidy Rohacs 23.14;

100M: Brynlee Moore 15.29, first; Reece Oye 15.31, second; Norma Mendoza 15.69; Chloe Smith 15.74;

200M: Leighton Poulos 28.79, first; Rylie Ward 31.73, second; Briana Clayton 34.63; Eme Greathouse 38.06;

400M: Sophie Monts 1:15.06, second; Ella Oye, 1:22.08, fifth;

800M: Morgan Casteel 2:51.40, first; Embry Reardon 3:03.07, sixth; Katie Appleby, 3:44.94; Kate Wiley, 4:16.31;

1600M: Morgan Casteel 6:20.18, first; Embry Reardon, 6:20.55, second; Annabelle Vanausdoll 6:410.31, sixth; Katie Appleby, 8:21.99;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 59.16, first (Norma Mendoza, Sophie Monts, Brynlee Moore, Leighton Poulos)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond, 2:06.21, second; (Embrey Reardon, Rylie Ward, Riley Strode, Cassiday Rohacs)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:00.40, second (Leighton Poulos, Sophie Monts, Reece Oye, Cassidy Rohacs)

8th Grade Girls Team and Individual Results
Vs. Tuscola, Paris Crestwood, St. Joseph, Judah Christian
April 21, 2022

Team results: 1. Tuscola East Prairie 91; 2. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 83; 3. St. Joseph 34; Judah Christian 25; 5. Paris Crestwood 23

Shot Put: Alex Clark, 27’ 7”, first; Chloe Custer, 18’ 2”, sixth;

Discus: Alex Clark, 73’ 7”, first; Chloe Custer, 46’ 4”, fourth;

High Jump: None

Long Jump: Embrey Reardon 10’ 8”, sixth; Isabella Menna 10’ 3”; Lyla Sutton 9’ 5”;

100 M Hurdles: Avery Alexander 23.29, fifth; Lily Vanda 25.39;

100M: Alyssa Richards 14.14, second; Lily Vanda 16.10;

200M: Skylar Graham 30.36, third; Lily Vanda, 33.77; Layla Beck 36.17;

400M: Sophia Johnson 1:10.41, second; Riley Strode 1:12.84, third; Gracie Romine 1:21.47, fourth; Ava Hutchinson, 1:24.92, fifth;

800M: Ruby Burton, 2:45.89, second; Kimberly Krutsinger, 3:26.02, fifth Ella Oye 3:30.95, sixth;

1600M: Ruby Burton, 6:10.51, first; Kimberly Krutsinger, 7:14.28, second; Kate Wiley 9:01.77, third;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:06.14, fourth (Ava Hutchinson, Lily Vanda, Alyssa Richards, Avery Alexander)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:03.19, second (Gracie Romine, Ruby Burton, Reece Oye, Rohr, Skylar Graham)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:55.07, first (Skylar Graham, Reece Oye, Gracie Romine, Ruby Burton)

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