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Sullivan AMBUCS Present Amtryke to Quincy Stutzman

Sullivan AMBUCS Present Amtryke to Quincy Stutzman! Quincy Stutzman of Arthur really enjoyed trying out his new wheels last Saturday morning, thanks to the Sullivan AMBUCS who gave him an Amtryke which is a therapeutic tricycle that is a national project of their organization. Now Quincy has a new way to get around the neighborhood. Pictured here with Quincy are his family Gary, Ashley, and Bobbie Stutzman and members of the Sullivan AMBUCS in back: Joe Hudspath, Jason Drury, Derik Eaton, Dave Hudspath and Jim Wandmacher. AMBUCS members in over 30 states fundraise and give out about 3500 Amtrykes a year.

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