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CGB softball hopes to improve this season

The Cerro Gordo Bement Softball team gets warmed up before practice.

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The Cerro Gordo Bement Softball team is eager to start this normal season and hope to improve from last spring.

Last Spring, the Broncos won only one game. This year they’re bringing back experience along with kids from LSA to add to their lineup. According to Head Coach Monica Hall, every position player is returning from last year besides second-base.

Coach Hall expects big impacts out of catcher Haley Simpson and pitcher Serena Throneburg. Throneburg is among a few seniors that hope to contribute to this season.

Throneburg’s been looking forward to her senior season since she first started playing softball and it’s her favorite sport.

“I get to be a leader not only on this team, but my travel team as well,” Throneburg said. “So I’m super excited to see how we did this season.”

Throneburg’s individual goal is to hit a home-run and get more strikeouts than last season. Throneburg’s team goal wins more games than the past couple years. Throneburg wants to be remembered as a good leader and mentor.

Isabelle Carlton is another senior on the team. Carlton likes being one of the seniors and leaders on this team, because she likes watching and helping the younger players improve.

“It’s nice to be one of the senior leaders on the team just because I like watching and helping some of the younger girls,” Carlton said. “So hopefully, they can get to love the sport as much as I do when they’re my age.”

Carlton’s individual goal is to get more reps and be better for her travel season and the team goal is to build a good bond. Carlton wants her lasting mark to be as somebody that came to have fun and spread a positive attitude throughout the team.

Mackenzie Meinders is another senior on the team. Meinders’ individual goal is to to stay positive the whole time and keep people up no matter how bad things get. Meinders’ team goal is to have the team stick together no matter how hard the games are. Meinders wants to be remembered as a very positive, uplifting and helping person.

Coach Hall wants her seniors to set the tone and for how to compete and wants communication to be kept throughout the seniors and her team.

“We want them to try to set the tone that we expect to play our best every game and be focused in and be supportive of each other,” Coach Hall said. “We want to make sure that everyone knows what’s going on. So talk to each other during the day and say, hey, don’t forget, we got this or don’t forget, we got that and try to make sure that everybody’s getting their schoolwork in so we’re not have problems with eligibility. And on the field we want them to remain confident and upbeat and positive with the players.”

During the off-season, the Broncos’ pitchers worked all fall and during the off-season and Coach Hall believes they’re ready to go. This year Coach Hall wants her players to compete among the best in the conference and have a .500 overall record.

Coach Hall’s overall message she wanted to send to readers and the community is that they’re going to come to compete everyday and come out with a positive attitude.

“We’re gonna come out with a positive attitude, knowing that we can compete with everyone that we take the field with, and we want to be known as someone that is going to bring their best game every day to the diamond and challenge everyone that we play,” Coach Hall said.

The Broncos begin their season on April 4 against Blue Ridge at Blue Ridge at 4:30 p.m.

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