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FIRST DAY ON THE JOB. Ed Coller is pictured sitting behind his desk as the new Director of Economic Development for Simply Arthur, effective February 1. Kenny Crossman, President for Simply Arthur, made this statement upon the hiring of Coller, “The board took careful consideration in determining the exact job needed for the Director’s position. After figuring that out, Ed was at the top of our list. He was unanimously selected as the right person for the job.” Ed retired from the education profession after 34 years. He served as principal at Arthur High School from 1987-1996. Coller stated, “When Kenny approached me about this position, I got a good feeling. The more I heard about the job, the more it sounded just right, and the board was so positive.” At present, Coller will be working approximately 20 hours per week making contacts and gathering information he needs for the new position. Once he gets settled in, he will set more permanent office hours and contact information. You have known Ed in a different role in the community, now make him feel welcome being Director of Economic Development for Simply Arthur.

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