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COUNTY SPELLING BEE PARTICIPANTS. The finalists from all four schools that competed on Wednesday, January 26 included (front row) from Arthur Ella Oye (6th grade), Payton Tinkle (5th grade), Kaden Herschberger (8th grade); Arcola Carolina Torres (8th grade), Laney Nelson (8th grade), Mykah Gomez (8th grade), and Delia Leal (8th grade and alternate). (Back row) Tuscola Evan Vearil (7th grade), Katy Mills (7th grade), Beau Whitson (5th grade), Jaes Mentock (6th grade and alternate), Villa Grove Oliver Oberg (7th grade), Allison Eisenmenger (8th grade), Ryker Reyling (7th grade) and Margot Howard (7th grade and alternate). Not pictured is Eme Greathouse (7th grade and alternate) of Arthur.

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