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Harris guest at Arthur Rotary Club meeting

Stan Harris
Stan Harris, Arthur Rotarian and 2022 Potentate Ansar Shrine, presented a program about the Shriners Childrens Hospital during the January 13 Arthur Rotary Club meeting. His power point presentation gave a wonderful look into this wonderful Hospital.

Founded in 1922, a network of 24 healthcare facilities provide compassionate, high-quality, family-centered pediatric medical and surgical care These facilities have treated more than 1.3 million children and employ more than 5000 health professionals.

Ways you can help: Refer a Child with a Disablity to Shriners: Inform their parants and they can call 1-800-237-5055, you can also donate to Shriners Children by going to or call 1-800-241-GIFT (4438)

We are proud to have Stan as a member of the Arthur Rotary Club. If you would like more information about Arthur Rotary contact a Rotary member or e-mail us at

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