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MTZ High School puts on Probability Fair

Ryne Buttz helps a student with a game at the 2021 Probability Fair at the Mt. Zion Elementary School.

Staff Writer

The Probability and Statistics classes of Mt. Zion High School held a Probability Fair in Mt. Zion Grade School gym on Friday, December 3rd. The fair is described by Algebra/Prob and Statistics teacher Mrs. Chris Ellis has a great way to apply what the students learned in class and have a great time.

This has been an annual event since 2002. This year’s fairy consisted of 15 carnival-type games that involved probability. Every game had a theme such as a Christmas theme or a space theme.

The high school students ran the games while the grade school students participated in the games. The games were in a variety of probability such as skee ball game, throwing a ball into a hole or even throwing a snowball into a snowman.

“The Prob Fair went great this year. We were not able to have it last year due to covid, so that made it extra special this year,” Ellis said. “The high schoolers enjoy interacting with the grade schoolers. What makes it really special is that the highschoolers remember when they went to the Prob Fair as grade schoolers, and they say it was one of the best memories of grade school, and now they are able to make that same great memory for other kids.”

The purpose of the fair is two-fold: first the students and children will be learning more about probability, secondly the fair is a fun way for our high schoolers to interact with the grade schoolers.


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