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Vogt named new Bement Superintendent

BEMENT HIRES VOGT AS NEXT SUPERINTENDENT. Mary Vogt, Monticello school administrator, will assume her role on July 1, 2022. She is pictured with Doug Kepley middle school/high school principal and Christy Sweet PK-5 principal at last weeks school board meeting.

Staff Writer

Longtime Monticello school administrator Mary Vogt was hired as the next Bement school superintendent by the school board at the November 10 meeting. She will assume those duties from current interim superintendent Sheila Greenwood on July 1, 2022.

Principal Doug Kepley reported the Student(s) of the quarter were: Silas Olson, Kole Somers, Bailey Blythe and Emma Garlutzo.

He reported many students are doing well. 68 percent of middle school and fifty percent of high school students qualified for honor roll. The district will be switching their student data base system to TeacherEase.

Kepley added, “I cannot say enough how much I appreciate our staff helping cover classes when substitute teachers are not available. The substitute teacher shortage is in crisis mode and we would not be able to cover classes without the help of our existing staff.”

Important Upcoming Dates:

November 12: SIP – Professional Development Training

November 17: Mid-Terms

November 18: Volleyball Banquet @ CG

November 19: FCCLA Foods for Families

November 21: Football Banquet @ CG

November 24-28: Thanksgiving Break

December 3-4: Mike Walsh Girls Basketball Tournament

Dr Greenwood’s Report

The boiler is up and keeping us sufficiently warm while we wait for the remainder of the installation to occur. Mother Nature has been good to us the past couple of weeks, but we can’t count on her to continue her generosity.”

As for the other updates, Greenwood states, “Still playing the waiting game on estimates and phase development of the window replacement schedule, electricity to the ballfield, AC for the big gymnasium, and a small building at the baseball field.”

The district received the $50,000 Round 1 Maintenance Grant for the State. This will will be used for the high school window project. Greenwood added as far as the EAV goes, “We were able to drop our overall tax rate by 2 cents, from $4.9517 to $4.9271. Adding, “We are also down from 4 bonds to 3 now that we are paying on and we have very competitive interest rates on the 3 remaining bonds.”

Kirby Medical Center provided the district with BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19. Greenwood thanked Dr. Narain Mandhan, The Chief Medical Officer at Kirby Medical Center for the supplying them with the necessary Physician’s Standing. “We will be ordering testing kits and begin making plans for dealing with testing second semester. Also a huge thank you to Kirby and their leadership for partnering with us through this for the first 18 months to keep our staff and students in-person learning.”

Greenwood ended with thanking the staff, “We have been so fortunate to have our staff help fill some holes when we have not been able to get substitute teachers. They just simply aren’t out there. The few subs that we have have been amazing and helped us out any way that they can.

It has been a team effort and everyone has rallied around each other to keep us in school. Some school districts in the state have had to temporarily go remote and close because of the sub shortage. So, a huge thank you to the helpers as Fred Rogers would say.”

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