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Cerro Gordo Fire Department Speaks and Village Sends Notice to Abate to Library

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Monday, October 18 Butch Hilderbrand spoke about the damage of a wall falling adjacent to Hope Welty Library under the village’s nuisance ordinance. As of now the library has been closed since earlier this summer. The library contacted Hilderbrand as they are unsure of where to go. There is speculation and rumors as to who(m) is responsible.

However at this point, Hilderbrand sees it as potentially a major hazard. “Like I said I’m not an engineer, so I don’t want to be the guy that goes in…and it’s one thing when it is about to fall into the street. And I was just kinda like well this has passed my scope, passed my responsibility.”

The CGFD Chief is the acting officer and can implement ordinances, if that fails the State Fire Marshall will probably be involved. Hilderbrand stated, “I am just not only asking for help, but offering anything I can do to help. I don’t know what that would be other than go pick up a bunch of bricks when it falls down. ….I know everybody and their brother has been asking you guys for that help. But now it kinda escalated a little bit, but because it’s not going away.”

The title search shows the property is owned by Shannon Luthy. However, the rumored dispute is over the property line and the common wall. Mayor Jim Henderson stated, “Well back when those buildings were constructed with common walls, the firestop wall, each building owned a half of that.” So if the building were to be demolished, there might be an effect on other buildings on that block.

The village plans to use the Freedom of Information request Act to obtain more information and at this time is asking the Library to plan for an abatement.

Water News

Villager Evelyn Eads requested information from the village as to when the “lakefront property” in her front yard would be fixed. “Yes, I have been patient since May. I’m tired of living on lakefront property, and the rocks and mess in front of our house and on all along Lincoln Street.”

Mayor Jim Henderson assured her, “Well, we need to finish the water main project first. And then everything will get fixed back the way it should be.” To which Eads responded, “I just want the mess cleaned up. And the art and the ruts in the yard filled in the driveway fix the street fix. You can’t even open a window when it’s nice out. Because the dust is so bad.”

The water main project is ongoing. The past week much of the work was done underneath the Railroad Crossings.

Public works Engineer Mark Blickensderfer added, “We have all been inconvenienced by the Water Main Project and we will get to it. The water is the old water main.” Adding, “That is the path of less resistance. We will get them. We kinda have our hands full in another area at the moment.”

Other News:

•The village authorizes Piatt County Salvation Army bell ringing on December 1 and 8 from 5-7pm

•The board authorized through ordinance changes and adoptions to allow anyone in the Cerro Gordo School District to volunteer for the Park Board.

•The board authorizes payment of $29,027 to the Illinois Municipal League Dues. This is where they obtain insurance for public employees, and it is collected annually.

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