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Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross Reminds People… Report Suspicious Activity Immediately

Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross and law enforcement agencies in the tri-county area have responded to several instances of stolen property over the past few months. Chief Bross says that thefts tend to be more widespread during the upcoming holiday season. Law enforcement would like to remind citizens of the following steps to reduce the chance their property will be stolen.

1. Lock your doors and vehicles

2. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

3. Record the serial numbers for electronics, tools, and other high-priced items and take photographs of them.

4. Turn on exterior lighting in the evening.

5. Install exterior or doorbell cameras.

6. Let police know if you will be on vacation or gone for several days so we can monitor your residence for suspicious activity.

7. Report suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY.

Law enforcement cannot stress the last point enough. Chief Bross stated, “We have had suspicious activity reported hours, days and even weeks after the event occurred. Police do not know what is not reported to them. Social media is not an appropriate reporting mechanism and often contains missing or incorrect information.

Recently, suspicious activity was reported immediately, stolen property was recovered, and a suspect was developed within a couple minutes of the initial call. Failure to report suspicious activity reduces the ability for authorities to make progress in investigations.

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