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The Arthur Village’s Audit is approved with all accounts being “healthy”

Cynthia Carter hired as Arthur Grade School Crossing Guard

Staff Writer

At the most recent Arthur Village Board, $21,097.78 in expenditures were reported.

McGuire Yuhas Huffman & Buckley CPA’s presented the audit of the village’s accounts. The high points of the audit were that the funds were healthy and revenue was up. The General Fund was up 167% and the water and sewer funds were up 186% . There was an increase in fixed assets which were 1.2 million. In the executive summary, the auditor reported that “the numbers are getting bigger in a good way.” The auditor’s report was approved by the board.

Police Chief Mike Goodman reported that he had two individuals he would be interviewing in a few days. He would begin with the interviews and then if he had a candidate he was interested in, then he would hold a police committee meeting.

Goodman stated that back in August, he was notified by Mark Krutsinger that he would be scaling back and wouldn’t be available to be the full time crossing guard anymore. Goodman said that he had spoken with Cynthia Carter and she was excited about taking over the position and was ready to jump right in. Krutsinger would stay on the payroll as a substitute crossing guard for the grade school and high school. He has been the crossing guard for several years and the board wanted to thank him for his service. Cynthia Carter was hired as the new Arthur Grade School Crossing Guard after a unanimous vote from the board.

Grant Corum of Public Works informed the board that the chip and oil was about done and that it had gone well. He also told the board that some tilling and seeding had been completed in the places that had been dug up this past summer.

After some inspection of the buggy hitch racks at IGA and the Welcome Center, there has been some mold and mildew found. Some of the brick has also begun to soften and crack, although it is not structural, it is just facial. A bid from Kauffman’s Mobile Pressure Washing in the amount of $200 each was received. Another bid from I-57 Roofing to install gutters on the hitch rack east of the Welcome Center was received in the amount of $2,193.75. Both bids were approved by the board so that both of the hitch racks could be cleaned and gutters could be installed in the ones at the Welcome Center.

With Christmas just being a few months away, the board discussed decorating the gazebo and Welcome Center. They will not be decorating the Community Building. Two bids from the Arthur Flower Shop were received for decorations. The first bid was $129 to decorate the gazebo and the second was $199 to decorate the Welcome Center. Both of those bids were accepted. Mayor Rod Randall informed the board that the Lighted Christmas Parade will take place this year, but there will be no events in Knights Court (no Santa or refreshments). Also, the downtown businesses will be holding their sales event on a different day – it will not be during the same day as the parade.

A flag retirement box from Jace Green will be installed next to the water payment box. The scouts will remove the flags from the box and take them to the legion for a flag retirement ceremony.

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