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MTZ Village Board approves amendment

Staff Writer

The Mt. Zion village board met on September 20 and approved an amendment to the Decatur Macon County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement and approved an agreement between EnviroServe and the Village of Mt. Zion.

The amendment comes to Resolution No. 2021-12 that is an agreement between Mt. Zion, Macon County, Decatur, Forsyth and Long Creek. This amendment would make the language of the agreement more understandable when it comes to allowing certain multi-family developments to apply for certain enterprise zone benefits if the development meets certain criteria.

The Decatur Macon County EDC believes that quality housing is an integral part of economic development. The Decatur Macon County EDC also believes that this will also help with other prospective development opportunities within the community. The action was approved.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter about an incident in 1995 that there was a leaking incident at Mt. Zion’s Public Works Facility. The issue was remediated, but the IEPA is reviewing old cases and was not satisfied with the remediation efforts.

The agreement with EnviroServe is broken down into six steps. Those steps are first to prepare a Stage 1 Site Investigation Plan and Budget. The second step would be to conduct a site investigation of the soil. The third step would be to amend the budget. The fourth step would be to conduct Stage 1 Site groundwater investigation. The fifth step would be to prepare a report. The sixth step would be to prepare a reimbursement claim. The action was approved.

Other items that were approved at the Mt. Zion Village Board Meeting were:

-An approved action on a resolution authorizing the issuance of notice of award for the Florian Avenue Roadway Rehabilitation Project.

The next Mt. Zion Village Board meeting will be held on October 18 at 5:15 p.m.

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