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Arthur Village Board votes to replace 22 year-old refrigerators in the Community Building

Halloween Trick-or-Treating hours set for Sunday, Oct 31 5:00 – 8:00 pm

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Mayor Rod Randall expressed his thanks for those who helped organize the Cheese Festival during Labor Day weekend. “Thank you again for the Cheese Festival Stephanie (Weirman).”

“It went well. Sunday was a huge crowd. Sunday looked like a typical Saturday and Monday was great too. Despite the rain on Saturday, it was a good weekend for everyone,” Stephanie responded.

After touching on the recent Cheese Festival, the board moved onto regular business. Treasurer Mike Hilgenberg reported $112,099.57 in expenditures. Those expenses included spending for the outfitting of the new police car and the two cameras that were purchased, water and sewer and library replacement tax.

Michael Goodman informed the Village Board that the Police Department received the grant for the cameras which will help with some of the cost with a reimbursement of $10,500. A new full time crossing guard has been hired and the former crossing guard, Mark Krutsinger will fill in as a temporary and emergency one as needed. The new replacement will be announced at the next board meeting.

Grant Corum of Public Works reported that he and his crew had been busy putting in services in the new duplexes. The recent storm and cheese festival had also kept everyone busy for a few days. Rod also thanked Grant for his part in getting things ready for the cheese festival as well.

Under “new business,” Dicks Pharmacy requested a TIF Grant for a recent facade improvement that was completed. They had received a construction grant but not a facade grant. The cost to improve the facade was $22,306.66. The request for the TIF Grant was approved in the amount of $10,000. In doing this, it also was noted that some businesses have been requesting an amount and doing the work before the application for the TIF request. Businesses should instead be filling out an application before requesting an amount.

Another TIF request for facade improvement was approved for 712 Enterprises, LLC. They had a partial facade completed and had received a grant to help with the cost as well. Their request was approved.

The Arthur Area Association of Commerce requested to have applications for temporary signs for garage sales. Filling out this application will allow individuals to put up signs for up to three days to advertise an upcoming sale. Although, if a sign is placed on another’s personal property, then it can be taken down.

After finding out that the cost to repair the refrigerators in the Arthur Community Building’s kitchen would cost more than purchasing a new one and that they were 22 years old, it was decided to purchase new ones. Two quotes were received – one from Lowe’s and the other from Randall Electric. After taking a vote, it was approved that the refrigerators would be purchased from Randall Electric at $799 each.

Halloween is on a Sunday this year. The board voted to set Halloween Trick-or-Treat hours for Sunday, October 31 from 5:00 pm -8:00 pm. Since it will be on Sunday, there won’t be any businesses open downtown that evening.

At the end of the meeting during “General Discussion,” it was discussed that Jace Green’s flag box that he built for his Eagle Scout project would be moved from the Welcome Center and placed next to the water bill payment drop-box. It has an industrial style and has been built very heavy and will need to be bolted down. Residents will just need to be sure that they are placing their bills in the payment drop box and not the flag box.

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