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Cerro Gordo Village Board Meeting Begins with Public Comments

Staff Writer

On Monday, August 16, the Cerro Gordo village board met for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Two citizens of Cerro Gordo addressed the board.

Stephanie Young asked why four wheelers were not included in the Golf Cart Ordinance. “I was just kinda curious um I know I have been told four wheelers are not allowed on the road, I am wodnering why they are not allowed on the road when we let razors or cats whatever you want to call them.” The ordinance was amended to add certain styles of Utility Vehicles.

Board member Jeff Powers stated the ordinance did not add four wheelers as he personally saw no use for them in the village. “ I think a lot of it was just you know we allow the golf carts to putter around town and say hi to their neighbors and put around town…” Adding, “A four wheeler just doesn’t seem to fit that bill at all with going around town with your spouse or kids or something.”

Mayor Jim Henderson stated, “There are some small jobs in town I could do if I could have my atv on the road.”

Young added, “There are people that have said they moved to Cerro Gordo that had to get rid of their four wheelers because they have no use for them here…I am not saying lets have four wheelers go around all the time or whatever, but I would like to have them I really would.”

The board decided the matter will be discussed with the ordinance committee further.

Cherly Evans also approached the board about her neighbors. She cited the residence at 108 E Franklin has three large dogs and the yard is not maintained. “This has been a problem with this property since Brad Williams was Mayor. The point is once again as follows the odor of dog feces from this property is absolutely notrotious.” She added, “I am requesting every member of the board to come contact me, and come smell it for yourself.”

The board will see what other options they have with the property with multiple ordinance violations. Two letters, plus one certified letter have been sent to the residence.

Water News

The water project is ongoing. The village engineer from Fehr Grahm, Tom Overmyers stated, “Contractor had a lot of trouble hitting existing things just wanted to let everyone know delay in progress and things.” And the pay estimate wil not be available until the end of the month, so that item was tabled.

One water adjustment for Caryoln Jackson: $138.24 to $48.44

Kevin Buckley gave an audit overview for the village. He stated many funds had increased. “So overall the funds there was nothing to be concerned about, the big thing is the general fund and that was really all I was going to cover. Further back in the report…you get more detail. If you have any questions, glad to answer them.” No changes were recommended, merely suggestions.

The Cerro Gordo Fire Department and others from Piatt County will be conducting a county wide parade on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. After the route they will be back in Monticello for a ceremony.

The park district asked if new board members since it is volunteer could reside within the school district. Mayor Hnderson stated, “we will do some research and get back to it. I think that is reasonable, if they go to school here and stuff.”

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