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Cerro Gordo Superintendent Discusses Status of Work

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Earlier this year, the board approved a plethora of work that majority wise completed over the summer. Supertindent Brett Robinson addressed the work. “Brick facing project had a little bit of a lull there when they had some shortage of laborers and masons but they rectified that and got it rolling again.”

The brick work was on the 1962 addition and the 2001 addition.

The district also ordered windows and they will be arriving by Labor Day states Robinson.

In the Elementary the renovation of the basement, and annex has been completed. Robinson states they have new flooring, asbestos removed, new ceiling tiles, new lighting, etc. “Similar to the High School.”

The Elementary playground renovation had a delay, but should be completed by the weekend.

The Track renovation is complete. “People are entering not on the track from the bleachers, but the side and added a way to the concession stand. That will come in extra handy when we get rain.”

The high school gym renovation is completed. Each bathroom is now handicap accessible and new dividers.

The High School roof repairs will begin after the brick refacing project is completed, as well as some 1929 building masonry repairs.

COVID Related Changes

For the purpose of contact tracing and safety, the district has divided up lunches, breakfasts, and each student is placed with a few kids for each activity. “We split what was one hs lunch and then into two lunches and then junior high lunch. That keeps us at less than half capacity and maintains social distance during lunch.”

Elementary Principal Jodi Neaveill stated they are put with the same students for good reasons, “That is who they will sit by in art, pe, and library, and lunch…And if we do have a positive covid case for contact tracing I would have no idea where to begin, so that is why we went with that.”

In the Elementary School students do the same except eat their lunch and breakfast in the classroom. All school breakfast and lunches are covered in every school district in Illinois.

As of Friday the district currently has three positive cases of COVID-19.

A Few new things from last year: students go for the full say schedule 8:05-2:56pm, 40 minute periods, 4 minute passing periods, students are allowed to use a locker, and there is currently no option for remote learning.

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