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Hope Welty Library in Cerro Gordo Temporarily Closed for Safety

Staff Writer

On Tuesday, July 13 the Hope Welty Library in Cerro Gordo closed for safety reasons.

On their Facebook page they posted on Thursday, “We are closed because of structural safety of the building next to the library. We are concerned about the safety of our patrons and community. If you have books to return, please put them in the outside book drop. No overdues or fines at this time.”

Jim Henderson, newly sworn in Mayor of Cerro Gordo was notified Tuesday morning about 9am he states that the wall of the building next to the library had partially collapsed Tuesday evening.

“207 E South Street, the southwest corner of that building collapsed the other night. It came down with a pretty big pile of bricks and stuff…” adding “The bricks are still on the ground behind the building that has a locked gate on it so nothing has been cleaned up since then. I did have a structural engineer come look at the building (from Fehr Graham) and we are waiting on his report. Go from there, and determine who all the property owners are, and depending on his report is how we are going to proceed forward.”

He added, “It barely missed the two air conditioning units by the library. No one was injured. The village is not liable for this, with the exception of public safety.”

However currently, no one seems to know what party owns the damaged building in need of repair. Henderson stated, “Hopefully it doesn’t do any damage to the adjacent building, because it shares a wall with the next building so there are a lot of things that have to be looked at. We decided to put it in place before we do this and hopefully can get all that done before mother nature decides to help us out.” Adding now it is up to a Judge, “This is the wall that has been disputed on between who owns it between the Library and the owner of 207 East South building and that is what we need, we need a judge to make a decision on who owns it and it who is going to take care of it now.”

Shannon Luthy, owner of Beads and Baubles (which was located at 207 E. South Street) has been closed for past year.

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