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Arthur Village Board members share their condolences on the recent passing of Noel Dicks

New placement for beer tent for the Moultrie/Douglas County Fair

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Members of the Arthur Village Board shared their condolences on the recent passing of Noel Dicks, husband of Iris Dicks.

Mayor Rod Randall shared a statement.

“Our condolences to Iris and the entire family of Noel Dicks at his recent passing. Through the years of preserving the history of Arthur, Noel understood the concept of community better than most people. He understood how the contributions of individuals and families, their visions and hard work, all woven together over the course of time, made Arthur what it is today. We should pause and give thanks for that historical perspective which he endeavored to share with us whenever we would listen. Noel would have enjoyed celebrating Arthur’s Sesquicentennial with us. We can honor the memory of Noel by celebrating in a way that causes us to not only be aware of this community’s past, but also cause us to be better aware of what this community should be like in the future. I believe that every one of us engaged in public service wants to leave this community a better place than when we first became a part of it. Noel certainly made Arthur a better place by being a part of it. The absence of his deep involvement with this community will be sorely felt.”

Randall shared with the board that there had been a request for a bench in Noel Dick’s name. While the Village of Arthur didn’t have a bench program anymore, they felt that it was important to approve this request, as there were others who said they would take care of the costs.

Randall felt that it would be ideal to place the bench as near to the pumpkin house as possible.

“Noel was an asset to the Arthur community,” stated Matt Bernius. “If he had any questions, he had the answers,” Bernius concluded. Treasurer, Mike Hilgenberg seconded what Bernius said. “My sentiments to Noel and Matt’s family,” said Dave Tiffan. Members of the board also gave their condolences to Matt Bernius, who also recently lost a family member (sister-in-law) of his own due to COVID.

After sharing their condolences and a few memories, members moved on to begin their meeting. Treasurer Mike Hilgenberg reported $114,165.92 in expenditures. One of those expenditures included purchasing a new police vehicle ($35,210) and work on the water/sewer plant ($22,000).

The board approved closures for Jurgens Parkway for fair week and renewing the liquor license.. Stephanie Alexander appeared before the board for those requests as well as asking if the beer tent could be placed in the grandstand area on the Friday and Saturday of fair week.

This would be the first year that the fair board has placed the tent in the grand-stand area. The beer tent would be located on the east side of the grand stand, which also would make it closer for the concert on Saturday. This also would make it more convenient for police security, as they could be closer together in one space. The Village Board approved the new placement for this year’s fair week.

The contract that the Village of Arthur has with Legacy Land Co was renewed through December 31, 2021 as realtor, Sue Falk, still had some individuals who were interested in some of the lots there.

Mayor Randall shared some general discussion at the table. He noted that he had spoken with Stephanie Wierman and she reported to him that the Strawberry Jam wasn’t as bad as it may have looked. She said the downtown merchants did well and that Saturday’s crowd was better. Wierman told Randall that the village had lost some vendors at the last minute because two had tested positive for COVID and two had other personal matters with their grandchildren to attend to. Randall also announced that this year’s theme for the Arthur Freedom Parade was “Salute to Freedom’s Heroes.”

“On June 11, we will move into phase 5. It will change a lot for festivals,” Ron concluded.

Other items that were discussed or approved included:

•Declaring the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor as excess property.

•Approved the purchase of two Watch Guard 4RE in-car camera systems from Central Service Center in the amount of $5,250.00 each plus installation for a total of $11,550. ($10,500 is from a grant).

•Approved the outfitting of the new 2021 police car by Central Service Center in the amount of $8,701.00.

•Approved the quote for striping of the new police car by Custom Screen Printing in the amount of $650.00.

•Approved a proposal for a concrete approach at the new WWTP building from Hershberger Concrete in the amount of $8750.00.

•Approved a resolution authorizing the sale of Surplus Real Estate Pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/11-76-4.1 (223 North Walnut Street, Arthur, Illinois 61911).

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