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Cerro Gordo Schools holds Honors Night held May 13

On Thursday evening May 13 Cerro Gordo hosted its 2021 Honors Night ceremony in the auditorium.

After not being permitted to have honors night last year due to covid-19 restrictions, Guidance Counselor Brandon Willard welcomed everyone and stated how they were extremely excited to have a forum to celebrate and honor these seniors.

Speaking directly to the senior class Willard said, “Four years ago I started at Cerro Gordo High School the same time as you guys started your high school careers. On that first day we walked out the door, across the parking lot, into the non-air-conditioned gym, and listened to our new principal give a motivational speech about lions and gazelles on the African savannah. And I specifically remember thinking to myself, what in the world is this guy talking about, but watching some of your accomplishments over the past four years, it has become clear that you got the message and wanted to strive for success.”

He continued praising the senior class adding, “We have 5 ladies in this room that will leave Cerro Gordo High School as the winningest volleyball players in school history; we have two boys’ basketball players that put together back-to-back winning seasons, which is something that has only been done 2 other times the previous 35 years; we have a college cheerleader, a college track athlete, a college volleyball player, a rodeo star, and a college mascot. We have two state scholars; we have high school students combining for over 400 college credits with over 75% of them being A’s; we have multiple students scoring in the 90th percentile or higher on the SAT; and we have six student GPA’s over 3.8 and that is just a few of the numerous accomplishments that this class has been able to achieve. Things such as these might have been what Mr. Rodebaugh was talking about 4 years ago.”

High School Principal Jeremy Rodebaugh aided in introductions and handing out awards.

Counselor Willard told those in attendance that 24 different scholarships would be awarded on the evening which was a strong testament to the support that the community has for the school.

Scholarship recipients included:

•Youth League Scholarship: Luke Dobson and Riley Brandenburg

•Harold Britlinger Memorial Scholarship: Mackenzie McMillen

•Oakley Brick Church of the Brethren Scholarship: Hannah Hayes

•Christians Uniting in Christ Scholarship: Haven Daly

•Tony Piraino Scholarship: Luke Dobson

•Cerro Gordo Bement Booster Club Scholarships: Haven Daly, Riley Brandenburg, and Hannah Hayes

•Cerro Gordo High School Alumni Memorial Scholarship: MaCaylynn Gant, Luke Dobson, and Carlee Conour

•Reed-Murray Scholarship: MaCaylynn Gant

•Cerro Gordo American Legion Post 117 Scholarship: Luke Dobson

•Jean Heiple Scholarship: Riley Brandenburg

•Let Your Light Shine Scholarship (Dodson Family): Grayson Walters

•Sons of the American Legion Roger McDermith Memorial Scholarship: Luke Dobson

•Sons of the American Legion Mike Gross Scholarship: Hannah Hayes

•Cerro Gordo Education Association Scholarship: Riley Brandenburg

•George and Ada Blickensderfer Scholarship: Haven Daly

•Cerro Gordo Womans Club Scholarship: Hannah Hayes and Carlee Conour

•Causal Fridays Teacher’s Scholarship: Shianne Lange

•Paul H. Roberts Award: Hunter Rincker

•Kim Sheumaker Scholarship: Luke Dobson

•Piatt County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Riley Brandenburg

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