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The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond ag mech class has spent months planning and building an outdoor grill that the high school can use for cookouts. The boys pictured here with the grill they helped to make are from left to right: Jace Green, Payton Rawlins, Wayne Tedrick, Jacob Bettinger, Casey Benedict and Quentin Day. Not pictured are Seniors Wyatt Romine and Kolby Schable who also helped construct the grill. The best part about the grill is each member of the class got to weld their name onto the bars. The grill saw its inaugural use at a cookout on Wednesday, May 19 by cooking ribeye steak sandwiches. It was also used the next day for the Senior cookout with some retired teachers to grill up some burgers and dogs and will be put to good use in the future. The ag mech class also made two rolling basketball racks for use by the ALAH basketball teams. And speaking of the Ag classes, hope you got a chance to watch their “Chick Cam” this past week. The Intro to Ag class allowed everyone to share in the hatching of 17 chicks.

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