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Illinois Amish Heritage Center to Open Fridays and Saturdays Beginning in June

The Illinois Amish Heritage Center, located three miles east of Arthur, Illinois on Route 133, will be open to the public for guided tours and walk-throughs on Fridays and Saturdays this summer.

Hours will be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. starting Friday, June 4.

Guided tours will take visitors through four historic Amish buildings – the 1882 Daniel Schrock house, the 1866 Moses Yoder house and workshop, and the 1920 Miller Amish German School.

Exhibits are being developed in all the historic buildings. The Schrock house will include exhibits on Amish history and religion, Amish quilts and coverlets, Amish clothing, and Amish culture, as well as the historic features of the 1882 house.

The 1866 Moses Yoder house is the oldest Amish house in Illinois. It is still under restoration and visitors will be able to see the structural research and restoration process. Exhibit panels will describe elements of the original house as it was built in 1866 by Moses Yoder. The Yoder workshop will include an exhibit on historic Amish barns.

The 1920 Miller Amish German School was originally located four miles west of Arthur on Route 133 and was moved to the IAHC in April of this year.

The school served as a German school where Amish youth, after graduating from the eighth grade, went to learn the German language. This is important because Amish church services are conducted in German. The school is in pristine historical condition with original paint still on the walls, the student desks and teacher’s desk still in place, the wood or coal burning stove in place, and even the original graniteware wash basin still on the shelf in the rear of the room. The German alphabet and daily schedule can be seen written on the chalk board in the front of the room. Exhibit panels will talk about the school and Amish education.

Advanced reservation for tours or walk throughs is recommended by calling 217-268-3043. Cost for those 12 and older is $5 for the walk through and $10 for an hour-long guided tour.

The Illinois Amish Heritage Center is located three miles east of Arthur and six miles west of Arcola, Illinois and I-57 on the north side of Illinois Route 133. More information on the IAHC can be found on the website at:

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