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Bement Village Board Swears in Two New Trustees

Pat Tieman was re-elected as the Bement Village President. He is shown swearing in Trustees Tammy Allison and John Burton.

Staff Writer

Tuesday, May 11 the Bement Village Board swore in the newly elected officials. Pat Tieman was re-elected as the Village President. Tammy Allison, and John Burton were elected to replace Clayton and Heidi Ahlden stepped down by the village board. Tieman stated, “I had two people contact me that were willing to serve and I think that when they are willing to serve we should use them, because it is hard to find people to do this kind of thing. I am thankful that we did have people want to do this. It is not an easy job, and sometimes it is a thankless job.” The Alhden’s served on the board from 2016 until this election.

The Bement Village approved a donation of $3,200 for the Bement Community Council for Fourth of July Fireworks. Because of COVID last year’s show was cancelled. Tieman stated, “They are hoping by the middle of June or so we should be at stage 5. They still want to encourage people to wear their masks.” The CDC did announce on Friday those vaccinated are safe to not wear masks, however many businesses, schools, and offices are still requiring masks. Every trustee approved this motion except for Trustee Dean.

The Bement Village approved changing their golf cart ordinance allowing 16 year olds to drive one, obeying the same laws of the road. The previous ordinance stated you had to be 21 to drive a golf cart throughout Bement legally.

The board discussed possibly donating and helping with the cost of new cubing at the Presbyterian Church. “If these curbs are on the side of the property we should fix it.” stated Dean. The board tabled the action requesting bids for the project.

The board has debated about the complaints from village resident John Fair about the sediment in his pipes. The village stated they looked into it, and the cost for looping the water line around Champaign street would be $50,000. “I just think $50,000 is an awful lot to invest for one person,” stated Tieman. Adding, “My concern is if you start it, where do you stop it?”

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