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Tieman re-elected as Bement Village President

Incumbent Pat Tieman will serve another four-year term as Bement’s Village President defeating newcomer Jerry Riley in the April 6 Consolidated Election. Tieman received 180 votes to Riley’s 84.

“I am truly humbled and honored to have been re-elected to represent Bement as Village President! I want to thank my opponent for calling and congratulating me. Never did I think when I started this journey 16 years ago that I would still be involved. Steve Rittenhouse appointed me to the Zoning Board first. I must admit I was hesitant, but he was convincing. I then served on the Village Board for four years. That was a learning experience. This is the last month of my eight years being Village President. Time flies,” Tieman stated.

He continued, “I have had an incredibly great board to work with. So now we start another four-year journey. First task will be filling the vacant board seats. We currently have two seats to fill. Then it is off and running! I look forward to serving my constituents. Some will like what you do, and some will not. Main thing is to do the best I can and do what I think is best for Bement. We will have some bumps in the road on this journey together, but we also will have many success stories. Thank you to all who supported me. Thank you to all who voted no matter who you voted for.”

Two incumbents, 1 newcomer elected to Cerro Gordo Community Unit District 100 school board

Two incumbents retained their seats on the Cerro Gordo Community Unit School District 100 Board of Education and one newcomer will join them as a result of the Consolidated Election held April 6.

The incumbents are Rodd Runyen and Karen Freese. Newcomer elected to serve was Dustin Curran.

For four-year terms (vote for three): Kim Aitkens 160, Rodd Runyen 182, Dustin Curran 207, and Karen Freese 219.

Cerro Gordo Fire Protection District

For six-year terms (vote for two): Richard Marvin 105, Dustin Curran 139, and John McRae 152

Village of Hammond elects 3 trustees, Corporate Tax Rate defeated

In the April 6 Consolidated Election, two incumbents were elected, and one newcomer will join the board.

Incumbents elected are Payton Messmore and Marsha Burgener and will be joined by newcomer Jordan Pfeifer.

For four-year terms (vote for three): Jordan Pfeifer 57, Payton Messmore 68, Marsha Burgener 52, Don Chenoweth 24, and Melanie Adcock 44.

The proposition to raise the corporate tax rate on assessed value of property within village limits from 0.25% to 0.4375% to meet expenditure needs was defeated by a margin of only three votes: 45 yes votes to 48 no votes.

Three incumbents re-elected to Arthur Community Unit District 305 school board

The three incumbents retained their seats on the Arthur Community Unit School District 305 Board of Education as a result of the April 6 Consolidated Election.

The incumbents are Kristie Mechling of Lovington, Ryan Nettles and Suzanne Berkich both of Arthur.

For four-year terms (vote for three): Kristie Mechling 616, Charidy Louden Butcher 331, Ryan Nettles 563, and Suzanne Berkich 431.

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