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Mackville Ends Bluegrass Festival

Mackville issued the following statement to the newspaper on Sunday afternoon and on their website: “A decision has been made by the host band, Mackville, to dissolve the Chet Kingery Memorial Bluegrass Festival, held in Arthur, Illinois, the Saturday of each Labor Day Weekend.”

They continued, “Mackville started the festival in 2013 to honor a local bluegrass legend, Chet Kingery. Over the years the festival has taken place at Rockome Gardens, the Moultrie Douglas Fairgrounds and then the latest location, The Great Pumpkin Patch.”

“The decision to dissolve the event was not an easy one. Mackville reports that factors contributing to their decision include the rising costs of bands as well as the time and effort involved in organizing a successful festival.”

In closing, “Mackville appreciates the support and dedication they have received over the years, and would like to thank The Great Pumpkin Patch, sponsors, guests, family and friends, and all who may have contributed and helped in any way.”

Mackville will continue to perform by request to keep their harmonious music going strong and do so with a piece of their hearts singing songs in remembrance of Chet Kingery. For more information about Mackville, please visit or call 217-578-3868.

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