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Classical Conversations of Decatur

Classical Conversations of Decatur, a homeschooling community that meets weekly at Antioch Christian Church, recently held its annual Faces of History showcase. Seventeen 9-to-11-year-old students dressed in costumes and presented their research papers on notable people from Modern History. Presentations included: Carly Baker as Elisabeth Elliot, Violet Pflum as Corrie ten Boom, Noah Hynds as Abe Lincoln, Nathan Hynds as John Wilkes Booth, Matthew Sheffer as Thomas Jefferson, Addison Cutler as Clara Barton, Nola Lane as Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lilly Baker as Florence Nightingale, Abby Jackson as Louisa May Alcott, Isaac Hanes as a Holocaust Survivor, Zachary Hanes as Michael Jordan, Liam VerHeecke as Alexander Hamilton, Gretchen Grube as Sacagawea, Addie Bagley as Amelia Earhart, Micah Langston as George Washington, Isaiah Jancauskas as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Lawson Lehman as Davy Crockett. Classical Conversations Essentials students are tutored by Teri Cutler and Amanda Pflum.

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