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Arthur Country Inn lost about 40% of their business in 2020

Business picking back up in 2021

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Like most businesses during the peak of the COVID19 Pandemic, the Arthur Country Inn also experienced some setbacks. Sadly, almost no business was left untouched in some way during this past year.

Wilmer Otto, owner of the Arthur Country Inn said that they lost about 40% of their usual business in 2020. “We had to trim costs to stay within our budget,” noted Otto.

“Business was growing steadily and then it peaked in 2019. Thanks to our hotel manager, Karen Morgan, returning customers have built a rapport with her, making the inn feel more familiar and like home,” he explained, as he graciously gave Morgan credit for her wonderful ways with the customers.

With the availability of vaccines and area cases going down, the inn is starting to see things picking back up again. “Now in 2021, we are starting to get reservations and it might be close to a normal year. We might be off just a little, but it is still too early in the year to tell. People are starting to get out and travel more though,” said Otto.

For those who are still being cautious during the pandemic, the Arthur Country Inn is suited for those who prefer no contact while on the road during their travels.

“Our style of motel is particularly suited for people who are at risk for COVID19 because they can make their arrangements over the Internet to book their room. We put the key in a lock-box set up outside and they can let themselves into their room without ever having to make contact with anybody else,” informed Otto.

“In larger hotels,” he went on, “you may have to walk through a long hallway, and then go into a lobby where you interact with others. You may come across others who could possibly have an infection,” Otto added. “At our hotel, we offer front door parking, which makes it safer and more convenient,” he concluded. Not only is this set-up safer just for COVID, but it is also ideal for flu season or for anyone who would just rather go about their business without having to make contact with others. Just as a side note, the Arthur Country Inn already had this system in place before COVID.

Otto noted that the hotel is beginning to see more bookings once again. He even added that they had rooms reserved for a wedding that was happening in July. “We didn’t even have any weddings last year,” he said. Otto explained that the hotel received most of their business from ads that were placed in travel magazines, Facebook and of course the events and festivals that happen in the area.

One thing for any traveler to keep in mind, is that the Arthur Country Inn is an ideal place to stay for the weekend.

Most tourists can see Arthur as a great weekend trip with plenty of stores and places to see. For now, after many haven’t been able to travel this past year, people are possibly just looking for short weekend trips to simply get out of the house. Otto also wanted to especially recognize that the hotel had all custom-made Amish furniture and Amish artwork which hung on the walls-which was something that was appealing to tourists who visit Arthur.

While business is beginning to pick back up at the Inn, they still could use a good reference or even some advertising to others by “word of mouth.”

If you have family or friends looking to visit the area, perhaps you can always suggest that they check out the Arthur Country Inn. Bookings to stay at the hotel can always be made online through, or simply calling them at 217-543-3321.

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