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Members of the Arthur Village Board remember Roger Bonham

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Proposals are approved for work to be completed at the wastewater treatment plant

Members of the Arthur Village Board shared their sadness about the passing of Roger Bonham, long-time editor of the Arthur Graphic Clarion and a well known member of the Arthur community.

Mayor Rod Randall told the board he was sad to hear about Roger’s passing and said he was a good friend of the community. Some members laughed and mentioned how Roger probably knew more about Village Board than they probably did at times. Trustee Matt Bernius mentioned that he met Roger when he was a senior in high school.

“I was president of the school board for six years and Roger would always have the news come out sounding good in the paper. He always took care of me,” said Mike Hilgenberg, treasurer.

“I’d like to recognize Roger Bonham and all the work he did for the village and the countless hours he was here through the years with all the mayors. It is a big loss. It’s been a big loss since he has been unable to write. He might have known more village stuff than the people here know. It was something that went unnoticed and something that should be recognized,” quoted Village Attorney, Kenny Crossman.

“We will be sure to keep his family and Susie in our prayers,” added Mayor Randall.

After sharing their memories and expressing their grief, members continued on with their meeting.

Mike Hilgenberg reported that there were $75,568.26 in expenditures.

The board discussed and made a motion to allow the Arthur Park District Board of Trustees to use the community building for monthly meetings. They were holding meetings at Brad-O-Clen but the Internet connection wasn’t very stable which was needed to use ZOOM on some occasions. The park board would need to meet in the community building on the second Monday of each month. The motion was passed.

A proposal of $6,000 was made from K Z Schrock to paint the ceiling and walls and install trim boards for the garage and storage areas of the wastewater treatment plant lab building. The proposal was approved.

Another proposal in the amount of $11,358.75 from Creative Stone Specialist was made to put on an industrial concrete floor coating at the wastewater treatment plant. The proposal was approved.

Grant Corum of Public Works said that the street and alley committee had plans to do some recoating as there was a lot of cracking in some places. The cost was calculated at $120,317.47. Grant said he is still waiting for an estimate for the roads at 100 E and Route 133. Any other additional work will be paid for out of the general fund.

During the discussion of COVID issues within the community, Mayor Rod Randall said that the Douglas County Health Department said that the region’s cases had all gone down and now the county was at a 3.5% positivity rate. “We had been the highest, but now there are three other counties that are higher than us,” mentioned Randall. “It is getting slightly better,” he added. It was noted that the Illinois Department of Public Health would be giving guidelines about crowds and open festivals as summer comes along. It was also noted that there has been some frustrations from people trying to find vaccinations. The Douglas County Health Department has a number that people may call that can help them find vaccinations in their area. People may call the health department to get that number.

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