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Donation fund established for Tim Mast at the State Bank of Arthur

Staff Writer

Many members of the Arthur community know Tim Mast in one way or another-whether it be from the local R&I, the Arthur Mennonite Church or Lions Club. Tim became a member of the Lions Club in 2008 and served as their president from 2008 to 2012 and again became president in 2020. He has been a loyal member of our community helping out at various events and now needs your help.

Sadly, Tim is one of the many millions who suffer from diabetes. Approximately 1 in 10 people have diabetes ( He has had diabetes for the last five years and takes insulin twice a day. Medication for this disease is quite expensive – even with health insurance. Due to diabetes complications, he had to have his right foot and part of his leg surgically removed. Presently, Tim is now in rehab and within about a month, he hopes to receive a prosthetic. During this time, Tim will need assistance with day to day living expenses, prescription costs, and medical costs since he will be unable to work. He also will need your prayers and encouragement as he adjusts to these changes.

For those who would like to help out Tim financially, a fund has been set up at the State Bank of Arthur. Donations may also be mailed to the Arthur Lions Club, PO Box 33, Arthur, IL 61911. Please put Tim Mast’s name in the memo line. He has been grateful for all the phone calls, words of encouragement, flowers and food that have been received. Tim would like to thank the community and for all of their prayers.

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