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District #305 Education Foundation holds meeting

The District #305 Education Foundation is alive and well.

Unable to meet for almost a year the board was finally able to hold a meeting in February.

As a reminder the District #305 Education Foundation works with local businesses, alumni and community groups to complement and enhance the educational opportunities of students attending schools in the communities of Arthur, Lovington, Atwood and Hammond.

Tax-deductible donations through the foundation provide educational enrichment programs, services and activities.

For more information or to make a donation: 301 East Columbia, Arthur, Illinois 61911 Phone: 217-543-2511, Email:, visit our webpage:

The Foundation also has a facebook page.

We were only able to have one fundraiser this past year and that was our reverse and beef raffle in July. Thank you to all those who participated.

The Education Foundation has provided funding for several items in our school district, the largest being the 1-to-1 initiative to provide laptop computers to all students in the high school.

Our most recent efforts have gone toward providing faculty mini-grants to those teachers across the system who apply and are approved and may receive a grant up to $500 to be used in their classrooms to supplement instruction they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Those applications have gone out to the teachers and they are due by March 31 to be awarded at the next meeting of the foundation on April 1.

Once those grants have been awarded and the teachers put them in place we will share both on the facebook page and in this paper how teachers are using their grant money.

Senior scholarship winners will also be chosen at that meeting for announcement at a later date.

As a side note the three scholarship winners from the Class of 2020 were Abby Abercrombie, Audri Kauffman and Kaylee Yeakel.

Because of covid those scholarships were awarded too late to release when other scholarships and awards were announced.

The Education Foundation has some fundraising ideas in the works so we can continue to assist our school district.

The 100 People Who Care initiative will be continued next year. More information can be found on the facebook page, 100 People Who Care ALAH District #305. Please go to that site to learn about the group and how it works. We hope to have a kickoff dinner for those who participated last year sometime later this summer.

The Education Foundation will also be honoring and recognizing our teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7.

District #305 Education Foundation board members are: Rod Randall, president; Marty Yeakel, secretary; and Shelley Martina, treasurer; Shannon Cheek, district superintendent, Scott Harris, Kristie Mechling, Ryan Nettles, Danny Powell and Carol Smith. Please check our webpage and facebook pages for updates as we are hoping to get back, with your help, to supporting our schools in as many ways as we can very soon.

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