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Mt. Zion Village Board appoints Bob Nichols to Parks and Recreation Commission During February Meeting

By Eden Crothers
Staff Writer

On Monday, February 16 Mayor Willams called the Meeting of the Mt. Zion Village Board of Trustees to order at 5:15 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room. No one present at the meeting wished to speak during the public forum portion. The Consent Agenda was passed by the four members of the Board present.

First item on the agenda for the evening was the consideration and action to purchase a 2021 Police Interceptor under the State of Illinois Government Purchase Program.

Administrator Julie Miller presented for consideration an annual request to purchase a 2021 Ford Police Interceptor vehicle.

Each year the department rotates out an older vehicle after the purchase of a new vehicle due to high mileage and usage. The vehicle will be paid for from three funds: 50% General Fund and 25% Games Fund and 25% Drug Fund.

The Games Fund is revenue received from the State of Illinois for the Pull Tab/Game Jar Sales from Majestic Hall.

The Drug Fund is revenue received after a drug conviction and can only be used for equipment and other drug related expenses or on specific police related items such as a vehicle.

The 2021 Police Interceptor purchase was approved by the four Board members present.

Next, the Board considered the Resolution 2021-1, which was the opening of closed session minutes as authorized by the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Board approved the resolution.

The Board also approved Resolution 2021-2 which authorized the destruction of audio or video recordings of closed session meetings. State Statutes require the recording of all closed sessions and permits governmental bodies to destroy the verbatim records if the minutes have been approved and at least 18 months have passed since the meeting date. The tape of the meeting may be erased even if the minutes have not been made public. Resolution was approved by all Board members present.

The board also approved Resolution 2021-3 which authorized the execution of professional services contract with Municode for recodification and online hosting services. Julie Miller presented for consideration a resolution approving the contract for services with Municode to recodify the Village’s Code of Ordinances and for online hosting services. Due to budget constraints, the recodification of the Village’s Code of Ordinances has been delayed for several years. Village Attorney, Ed Flynn, recommends recodifying the ordinances to ensure enforcement when necessary. The cost of the codification is $13,500.00 and will take approximately 10-12 months to complete. The online hosting fee is $550.00 annually. Attorney Flynn will be consulted throughout the process as ordinances are reviewed against new State and Federal law changes.

Resolution 2021-4 was passed by the Board members present which approved maintenance under the Illinois Highway Code. Administrator Julie Miller presented for consideration a Resolution for the 2021 Motor Fuel Tax Program. This Resolution is a requirement of IDOT to authorize expenditures from the Motor Fuel Tax Fund. This Resolution includes street patching, salt and sand for ice removal, street sweeping, traffic control maintenance, sign maintenance, and other street maintenance items such as storm sewer maintenance for calendar year 2021.

Towards the end of the meeting, Mayor Williams Williams presented for consideration the appointment of Bob Nichols to the Parks and Recreation Commission for a vacant position’s term ending April 2023. Williams also read the biography of Bob Nichols to demonstrate how qualified of a candidate Mr. Nicholas was for the position. Board approved the appointment.

Before the meeting concluded, Julie Miller reported she will be attending the Conservation District Board meeting February 17 to explain and answer questions regarding the IGA for the Rte. 121 TIF District.

Also reported, Steve Lewis will be moving forward with new development off Highway 121, a P&Z meeting will be held on March 2 for an annexation and minor sub at 860 W. Wildwood Drive, a Public Notice was issued for bidding on the Splash Pad to be held on March 4th and still awaiting approval from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Chief Skundberg reported hiring two officers with start dates of March 1, 2021. Trustee Mose also asked Administrator Miller if the Village contacted Dr. Roundcount regarding the tennis courts. Miller stated the $50,000.00 grant is no longer available and Mr. Shade is looking into fund raising. She will contact Dr. Roundcount later on to check in with him again about grants and funding.

Next meeting will be on March 15 at 5:15 in the Village Hall Board Room.

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