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Douglas County Health Department Administers COVID-19 Vaccines.

Douglas County Health Department Administers COVID-19 Vaccines. Janice Hutchcraft waiting on DCHD employee Madelyn Damery to prepare her shot while Superintendent Shannon Cheek receives his from health department employee Stacy Shonkwiler as they were the first two from the ALAH school district to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last Wednesday at the high school. Since the DCHD has now moved into Phase 1B, they sent out letters to all the Douglas County school districts asking for a number of employees interested in vaccination and scheduled a clinic as they heard back from them. There was a total of 90 vaccinations administered to the ALAH staff. Currently the health departments vaccine supply is insufficient to do the two remaining districts in Tuscola and Villa Grove as the Arcola school district received theirs on January 19. The vaccine supply/allotment is the number one hurdle the department is currently facing, but remains hopeful the process will soon be more consistent. Each vaccine shipment received is directly allocated to a pre-planned/pre-scheduled clinic. They have recurring weekly public clinics pre-planned with vaccine orders starting this week and continuing through March. With having no control over the delivery, daily updates will be available to keep the public informed with the latest information on their website.

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