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Mt. Zion Region News merges with Southern Piatt Record-Herald

We are pleased to announce an exciting change that is happening with our newspapers starting this week. To better serve our loyal readers we are merging the Mt. Zion Region News with the Southern Piatt Record-Herald and effectively expanding your weekly paper to make room for the additional content.

This combined paper will be called the Record Herald News, and will continue to cover Piatt, Douglas, Moultrie counties, in addition to Macon County.

The Mt. Zion Region News has been in existence for nearly 62 years and has led the community with loyal reporting. We are committed to the Mt. Zion community, but we have to face the reality of business as the time has come to shift into a bigger and more efficient paper.

Our parent company, Better Newspapers Inc., has decided that combining our beloved publications into one will be our best option going forward. This new paper will be larger and absolutely no content from the Southern Piatt Record-Herald, or the Mt. Zion Region News, will be lost in this transition.

Our communities have their own unique histories, traditions, and heritages that we will continue to keep in mind. With combining our papers, you won’t lose what you have, you will be gaining so much more.

We’re overjoyed that you are here to embark on this journey with us and it remains not only an honor, but a privilege, to bring you the latest news about your community.

We welcome your suggestions on how we can do even more to bring you a quality newspaper and invite you to call our office at 217/543-2151, or email either or

We believe we have a unique opportunity to strengthen the connections between all our communities.

Welcome one, welcome all, to the official first edition on January 13 of the Southern Piatt Record-Herald and Mt. Zion Region News combined paper.

Cheers to a bright new 2021.

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