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Full gambit for local elections in 2021

Mayor Rod Randall to run for re-election

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The Arthur Village Board met virtually on ZOOM December 21 before the Christmas holiday. Trustee Matt Bernius thanked everyone for a great year. “All of the employees pulled together for what 2020 has thrown at us,” he stated.

Expenditures were reported at $12,729.13.

Grant informed the board that Storm has filed his letter of intent. January 27, 2021 will be his last day of full-time employment with the village. His plan is to keep Storm on for part time and utilize him for street-sweeping, watering flowers, etc. The village will work out more details for him in the future. Grant is still doing some interviews to fill the open position.

Erica Carter stated that the auditor made a visit last week to do an audit for the EPA water and sewer portion of the loan. The audit went smoothly and the village was told that they are doing a great job.

The filing period for the election was to be completed by December 21. There is a full gambit. The current village board officials are all running for another term. Mayor Rod Randall expressed his gratitude to the board, telling everyone that he believed everyone made a great team together and was glad that they were all wanting to come back.

For new business, a request for a loan disbursement from the IEPA was approved for $71,424.77.

A proposal from Harris Company to install the electric (interior and exterior) at the new wastewater treatment building was approved for labor only at a cost of $24,895.75. The village would pay $14,000 in materials to supply for the job.

A proposal from AP Technologies for communications installment at the new wastewater treatment building was approved for $4,794.92. A cell-phone booster is included.

There were no COVID -related issues in Arthur that had changed since the last meeting at the beginning of December. Erica noted that the only phone calls that the village is receiving are mostly ones about those coming to visit and asking which businesses are open.

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