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Atwood authorities investigate sex offender compliance

The Atwood Police Department received complaints of a sex offender failing to register their new address.

After a complete investigation, it was learned the offender properly registered with the Piatt County Sheriff’s Office several weeks ago but the information was not updated in the Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS).

The LEADS system is a law enforcement data system that provides crucial information to police officers regarding sex offender registration, missing persons, driving privilege and vehicle registration status, and other information.

The information was instead entered into a program called “Offender Watch” that is available through the sheriff’s office website.

Due to this incident, the Atwood Police Department will spend this week making sure that sex offenders registered in Atwood are in compliance with all state regulations. Residents with concerns are encouraged to call the village to have them investigated.

The Atwood Police Department would like to thank those citizens that brought this to our attention so it could be investigated.

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