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Douglas County Board extends declaration of emergency in Douglas County

Douglas County Board President Don Munson (right) presents a plaque to board member Tom Glenn and his wife Laraine for his fourteen years of service on the board. Submitted Photo

By Kendra Hennis

The meeting of the Douglas County Board was called to order at 9 a.m. on November 18, 2020 with all board members present.

Following the approval of the consent agenda, the board approved budget analysis prep with Larson, Woodyard, Henson, LLP as well as audit services for audit services for Douglas County ending in fiscal year 2020. The board also approved the 2019 audit. The auditors found

Douglas County to be in the “black”, meaning it is favorable. Board President Don Munson noted that this was due to the hard work of the employees in the county to be frugal in their spending and keep expenses down, allowing the board to stay within the budget.

The board then approved a preliminary engineering services agreement for section 20-00133-00-PV for the County Line Road project south of Arthur. The agreement was made with Cummins Engineering Corporation and is not to exceed the budget of $272,635. They also approved resolution 20-R-37 to appropriate Motor Fuel Tax funds for the County Line Road project. Along with this, the board approved preliminary engineering services agreement for section 20-00135-00-BR CH 10 over Dry Fork. The agreement was made with Fuhrmann

Engineering Inc and is not to exceed $110,232.83. The board then approved Resolution 20-R-38 to appropriate Motor Fuel Tax funds for Section 20-000135-00-BR.

The board followed by approving Resolution 20-R-39, an extension of a declaration of emergency due to COVID-19 in Douglas County for an additional 30 days. The state of emergency was declared in the county on March 18, 2020. The declaration allows Board Chairman Don Munson to have authorization to sign documents and approve finances as necessary without the need to call an emergency meeting. The declaration also allows the board to continue to live-stream their meetings on Zoom while still being within the Open Meetings Act.

The board ended by presenting member Tom Glenn with a plaque to honor him on his final meeting with the board. Glenn had served on the board for fourteen years. Munson thanked Glenn and his wife, Laraine, for all of their time and dedication serving the residents of Douglas County.

The board also:

* Approved the minutes of the October 21 regular board meeting.

* Approval of payments of the county’s financial obligations.

* Approved the reports of fees of the county offices.

* Approved the payment of 2021 Illinois Association of County Board dues.

* Approved ICRMT Liability and Worker’s Compensation Packages.

* Approved the renewal of Health Alliance Medical Plan.

* Approved the renewal of VSP Vision and Companion Dental Plans.

* Approved resolution 20-R-36, appointment of a special prosecutor for assistant to the State’s Attorney.

* Approved payment of two weeks pay due to the Douglas County Sheriff’s employees.

* Approved a $1,000 cost for the Douglas County employee Christmas. Staff will be provided a lunch to pick up from the Tuscola IGA.

* Adjourned until the December 16 meeting at 9 a.m.

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