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Arthur Police K-9 Unit Receives Donation.

Arthur Police K-9 Unit Receives Donation. The Illinois Husbandry & Animal Welfare (IHAW), a local dog breeding organization, made a donation to the police departments’ K-9 Unit on November 6 to be used for veterinary and other various ongoing expenses. Presenting Arthur Police Sargeant Shaun Meredith and Kubo with a $1,000 check is IHAW Membership Secretary, Willard Herschberger, and IHAW President, Darrell Miller. The IHAW’s mission is to improve animal welfare through education as they host annual educational seminars. Donations are made to local canine and animal shelters as well as offering kennel tours for senators, representatives, and county officials promoting animal rights and wanting to be totally transparent as an organization. Not pictured is Past President, Allan Miller.

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