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Middle/Junior High Grade school sports seasons in flux

The IESA Board of Directors met on Monday, Nov. 9 to address the winter and spring sports schedules after the announcement two weeks ago by the Governor’s Office that basketball had been moved to the higher risk category of the Illinois All Sports Policy and the subsequent announcement by the IHSA that they are planning to move forward with their basketball season as scheduled in November.

“We all are trying to make decisions without knowing what the future holds. Truly, all we can do is attempt to give direction to our membership based on what we know today and somehow still plan for the future of the Association. Not an easy task,” said IESA Director Steve Endsley.

The IESA made the following decisions and announcements about middle/junior high school sports:

Boys basketball and girls volleyball: Uncertain at this time. Scheduled to start in January, but if the Illinois Department of Public Health does not approve of their start, seasons could be moved.

Girls basketball: Scheduled to start March 8. Already moved from the fall, it would be difficult to move again due to conflicts with other activities.

“To have girls and boys basketball, girls volleyball, and track and field all in the spring is an almost impossible situation for schools and student athletes. We want students to have an opportunity to play all the activities, but it will be difficult to accomplish this without causing students and schools to choose between activities,” said Endsley.

Track and field: As scheduled in the spring, with hopes of a traditional track and field season.

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