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ALAH to Comply with IDPH Guidelines Regarding Basketball Season

Shannon Cheek, Superintendent of Arthur CUSD #305, issued a statement via email on Wednesday, Nov. 11, stating, “We understand and recognize the importance of all of our extra-curricular activities and the important role they play in the lives of our youth. “

He continued, “The Illinois Department of Public Health has categorized basketball as a higher risk level activity. IDPH guidance classifies basketball at a higher-risk sport and may currently participate at Level 1. Level 1 is defined as no-contact practices, and training only.  Arthur CUSD #305 will follow the IDPH guidelines and recommendations for participation. “

Cheek went on to say, “In consultation with legal counsel, Arthur CUSD #305 will comply with the IDPH guidance and restrict basketball to Level 1 no-contact practices and training only.”

The statement released by the IHSA regarding their endorsement to start the season on November 16th doesn’t identify the liability risk a school district would be accepting if they made the decision to defy the IDPH guidance.

”I can understand and respect the school’s decision,” stated ALAH Girls Basketball Coach Mac Condill.  “At this point, very little surprises me and I stopped trying to guess what might happen next or how things might play out. I certainly agree with trying to keep our students, athletes, and community as safe as possible. I really want the community to keep the senior class and all the student athletes in their thoughts as they go through one obstacle after another.”

He added, “I do want to thank the administration and the hours of tireless work they and the entire CUSD #305 staff have put into this school year.  The ALAH girl’s basketball program will continue to follow the guidelines set out before us and be ready to start the season at whatever point we are given permission by the school.”

Brad McGill, ALAH Boys Basketball Coach, issued the following comment, “While I am personally disappointed that the circumstances have led us to this point, I completely support CUSD #305’s decision to follow the guidelines outlined by the governor and IDPH. Every one of us wants the students to have all the positive experiences high school offers.”

He continued “Every one of us wants to see all these exceptional students perform in their chosen field. We also want the students, families and community to participate in the safest and most responsible manner. We will continue to prepare to the extent we are allowed by the IDPH with the hopes of taking the court at some point this season.”

Cheek said they will continue to monitor the situation and recommendations in an effort to make decisions related to future participation.  He added, “Although this isn’t the outcome we had hoped for, this is the best decision that can be made at this point and time.”

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